• Tess Sinamal
    Web designer - Web developer

Hi there, I'm Tess.

Here is my story. I was born in Poissy (France) and then lived for 5 years in Gabon. There, my parents signed me up to one of the first web school for children. By that time I was around 5 years old, and I discovered my passion for IT, video games and art.I was literally spending hours, pixel drawing on an old computer my parents had. Then I moved back to France at the age of 6.

After receiving a Baccalaureate degree in science, I decided to choose to fulfill my passion and studied both art and web. I signed up to Digital Campus in Bordeaux for a "Multimedia Project Manager" bachelor,where I was able to improve my skills in web design, illustration, web development and video. During those 3 years I did 2 interships and was employed during my senior year as a Web designer/Web developer in a startup for a 1-year contract.

I received my degree with honors and decided I wanted to see if the grass was greener elsewhere so I moved in Dublin after finishing my studies, and...well...here I am :)

See below some of my projects

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graphic design

Jake Gyllenhaal


Musée replay - motion

motion design, video

Shinken Solutions - Stop motion

motion design, video

Shinken Solutions - UX / UI

web design

Impossible font

graphic design

Enquête enquête

graphic design, video

Short Move Application

web design, graphic design

Animation test

motion design

Arya & the hound drawing

graphic design

Digital portrait

graphic design

Calamity & Jane logo

graphic design

Internship Report

graphic design, print

Movaloches - Web design

web design, graphic design

3D fawn


Complete recommendation

web design, graphic design, print, marketing

Musée replay - Web design

web design, graphic design, print


graphic design

Noise magazine

graphic design, print

Swimming Tiger

graphic design